Summer Flying Displays

A visit to Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre is an inspiring and uplifting visit. We have three spectacular flying demonstrations daily, where over 30 of our impressive birds fly overlooking our beautiful Yorkshire countryside, all included in your entrance price. Each display takes place in our arena with a different team of birds. You can expect to get very close to our birds as they swoop over your head whilst our passionate and knowledgeable team will provide a light-hearted and informative commentary.

Birds of Prey of the World – 11:30am

Runs 1st July – 30th September

See birds from all across the globe! Enjoy the experience of watching and getting up close to our birds of prey demonstrating their natural behaviour in this intriguing display. You will be amazed as you experience, close up, the incredible skills of our American Kestrels and enjoy seeing pairs of owls demonstrate their ability to fly silently as they skim through the audience. See the Striated Caracara show its preferred colour and our Naughty Black Vultures skimming over our audience. This demonstration is fun for all ages especially children.

African Adventure Display – 1:30pm

Runs 1st July – 30th September

Have a glimpse of Africa, as we show how our awesome African birds fly as they would in the wild. Watch White Storks fly elegantly alongside vultures and kites and see our Mackinders Eagle Owls and African Fish Eagles too. A display inspired by the conservation projects we work with in the aim to help and save vultures, which both entertains and infects you with our passion for these fantastic, yet vital creatures. We will also demonstrate the magnificent hunting skills of the African Harrier Hawk, as you watch him use his long legs to forage for prey in nests. Have our Black Kites swooping and feasting on food in flight while our stunning White Headed Vultures take flight into our valley.

British Birds of Prey Display – 3:30pm

Runs 1st July – 30th September

Immerse yourself in a world of British birds of prey, from beautiful Barn Owls skimming silently over the top of your head, to the speed and agility of our stunning goshawk. We then step it up in size to watch the ever-impressive White-tailed Sea Eagle soaring over head with its huge wingspan. Finally, be enchanted by our beautiful Red Kites flying in our stunning valley. Other British birds are also flown, in this display, but they are changed daily depending on weather conditions on the day.