Warriors Of The Sky – 11:30am

Runs 6th July – 12th September

See birds from all across the globe!

Enjoy the experience of watching and getting up close to our birds of prey demonstrating their natural behaviour in this intriguing display. You will be amazed as you experience, close up, the incredible acrobatic skills of the Lanner Falcon, enjoy seeing pairs of owls demonstrate their ability to fly silently as they swoop through the audience. Watch the Striated Caracara show her preferred colour and our naughty Black Vultures skimming over our audience. Be enthralled by our pair of Steller’s Sea Eagles as they take to the sky.

This demonstration is fun for all ages especially children.

If you have missed our summer flying displays don’t worry from the 18th September we will be starting our Autumn flying displays. https://falconrycentre.co.uk/spring-autumn-flying-displays/

All displays are weather dependent and subject to change due to the weather conditions on the day and the centres commitments.