Photography Policy

We are happy for you to take photos of your visit and of our birds under the following conditions:

  • Only use suitable permisable equipment. I.e. Phone etc (See poster)
  • You must remain static and seated on the benched area at all times during the flying displays.
  • Please do not enter the flying area or cross any barriers.
  • Please refrain from leaning over and placing your lens, cameras or mobile phones against our aviaries or onto the weathering lawn as this may cause stress to our birds.
  • Please remember that your equipment is new to our birds and may cause them some concern, especially if it is placed to close to them.
  • Please respect other peoples privacy when they are handling or flying our birds.
  • Due to the trip hazard risk we do not allow tripods into the centre.
  • Please adhere to any instructions given to you by our staff.

We are happy for you to take images for your own private use however you must get written permission from us before using photos of our Centre, Staff or Birds commercially or if they are to be displayed publicly either in physical or digital form.

We reserve the right to ask you to remove your equipment from the centre immediately if you do not comply with this policy.

Commercial filming / Photography

We can undertake support of commercial filming/photography requests but this must be pre arranged with the centre this is to ensure that suitable Risk Assesments and insurance cover are in place prior to the work taking place.