Full Day Birds of Prey Experience

Thirsk Birds of Prey Centre’s “one day introduction to Birds of Prey experience” offers a unique insight into the ancient art of falconry. Throughout the day, emphasis is “hands on” and you will be given the chance to handle and fly many different species of raptors.

The experience starts at 10:30am with a short-guided tour of where our large eagles and vultures call home, no doubt you will be greeted by our team of eagles where you will hear the cackle of the Bald Eagle, the cry of the African Fish Eagle and the roaring bark of the mighty Stellers Sea Eagle. You will also be introduced to the largest species of eagle, our Steller’s Sea Eagles, Hokkiado and Toruk. (as seen on The Yorkshire Vet TV Programme)

You will get hands on straight away while flying a smaller bird to ensure you are comfortable and prepared for the breath-taking experience of having raptors from around the world landing on the end of your arm. You will fly a small falcon, Chilean Blue Eagle, Common Buzzard and a Melanistic Barn Owl in our flying arena.

We will then break to watch the 11:30am flying display, we will then move to our Experience Day Lawn where you will get an up-close encounter with a beautiful White Faced Owl, Aplomado Falcon, Red Footed Falcon, Makinders Eagle Owl and one of our smallest resident a tiny Brazilian Pygmy Owl. Don’t worry there is plenty of opportunity to take memorable photographs.

To conclude the morning session, you will then have a Vulture Encounter! You will get the chance to handle and fly one of our incredible vulture species. While flying our amazing vulture the bird staff will give you an insight into the vulture world and also explain about the critical conservation work the centre is taking part in due to the declining numbers in the wild of certain vulture species.

At 1:00pm we then stop for a refreshment break just in time for you to watch the 1:30pm flying display. Don’t miss this display as its all included.

The experience recommences by flying a Great Grey Owl, a small eagle and then testing your strength by glove feeding a large vulture.

To conclude the day, you will be given the chance to handle and fly two of our larger eagles here at the centre. For 2024 we will be flying one of our stunning Bald Eagles and Europe’s largest species of eagle the White-Tailed Eagle also known as the flying barn door!

The day begins at 10.30am and finishes at approximately 3.15pm. The bird staff will be on hand to ensure you have an enjoyable and special day at the Centre and an experience you will never forget.

(approximately 14 different birds will take part, but birds may be upgraded due to weather conditions and the centres commitments)

  • This experience costs £95 per person
  • Age restriction applies from 16 years upwards including paid Spectators.
  • Up to 6 people will be able to interact with the birds on this experience.
  • Due to the physical nature of this experience, you must be able to hold 10lb in weight in your left hand unassisted and be able bodied.
  • Up to two spectators can accompany each person taking part on the day. Spectator admission is £24 and can be purchased online or on the day of your visit.
  • Vouchers are non-refundable.
  • Vouchers can be transferred to another person.
  • Vouchers may be exchanged for a different experience. If the experience you are exchanging it for is a higher cost, you will be required to pay the difference. If the experience is a lower cost no refunds will be given.
  • Experience Days are weather dependant. TBOPC will reschedule the experience if the weather is not suitable.
  • TBOPC Camera Policy is still to be followed.

Please note that you will recieve a gift voucher by post and that the experience days all need to be pre-booked by calling 01845 587522 during the centre opening hours.

Full Day Birds of Prey Experience


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