Food Bill


Our birds have a varied diet from fresh fish to rodents, game birds and venison. the food bill is very expensive however are birds dietary needs comes first.

We have had enquiries about what do our birds eat for dinner

If you would like to help treat them dinner this year we have created a link to donate in £5 amounts. After all every little does help!

To give you an idea on how much it cost to feed the birds we have created a list below.

£5 buys 10 large mice for owls & small falcons
£10 buys 6 large rats for large owls, vultures and hawks
£10 buys 3 rabbits for the eagles
£15 buys A whole salmon (on offer at Tesco) for the sea eagles
£15 buys 1kg of palm nuts for the Palm Nut vulture and Gymnogene
£20 buys a box of quail for the falcons

£60 buys venison for the eagle and vultures

Every donation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Food Bill


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