White Stork Build Extension 2022

We are always looking to improve the facilities for our birds, some of our projects include converting some of the aviaries, changing doors, extending the vulture accommodation.

For winter 2021/2022 our next project is to build accommodation for 3 White Storks that will be joining the team in 2022.

We are hoping to raise £500 to help with the cost of materials to build their new accommodation. Normally we wouldn’t ask for donations to help with building but as we all know it’s been a very difficult 18 months.

To show our appreciation of any support for this building project we will displays names or company’s names on the new accommodation for the 2022 season.

We know these are uncertain times but any donation, big or small will directly help our feathered friends.

We would like to say thank you for everyone’s continued support. It has been such a difficult year for everybody but with your kindness and generosity it has helped us get this far so thank you again.

White Stork Build Extension 2022


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