Project Owl Walk Development

All donations are collated and saved in a separate fund and to go towards new equipment or bird accommodation. So really for the luxury items that are outside of our normal budget or to bring forward building projects. 

We are currently saving up to be able to change the large owl accommodations on the Owl Walk this winter.

We have already trialled the new dividers in our caracara and vulture accommodation with great success. We are now hoping to do the same on the Owl Walk.

We are hoping to raise £2000 to be able to complete this project over the winter.

 We have 10 dividers that need 22 planks per a divider at £7 per a plank plus extra wood and materials.

As a team we sit down and discuss what we feel will benefit the birds or the centre that season. We then put your kind donations towards it. 

So be assured your donations are very much gratefully received and can enable us to bring building projects forward, treat our birds more and continue to improve the centre.

Project Owl Walk Development